xAPI Cohort: A xapiapps interview with Megan Torrance

The Fall xAPI Cohort starts on September 6 at 2pm (US Eastern Standard Time)... And here's an inside scoop! (Psst! Sign up to the free mailing list @ torrancelearning.com/xapi-cohort.)

In this chat with Tessa from xapiapps, Megan Torrance (TorranceLearning CEO) explains how the free 12 week xAPI Cohort gives you access to expert presenters, cutting edge technology and xAPI networking opportunities. Enjoy access to live and recorded web-based sessions and ongoing conversation via Slack - participate when, where and how life permits!

Got a burning idea you'd like to test out? Or an xAPI problem you'd like to solve with others? The xAPI Cohort is also an opportunity to get together with other cool xAPI cats to work together in project teams on the concepts that appeal to you and your professional interests.

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